Necklaces, 2004

Each of the necklaces includes some felt pieces, all wet-felted. In addition there are glass, ceramic, and silver beads and silver closures.

Bright Blue Necklace
with Star Bead
Green Necklace
with Star Bead
Red Necklace
with Star Bead
The necklaces in this group are 15 each with a 2 extender.
Pink Big Bead Green Big Bead Marbled Big Bead, 18"
Harvest Colors, 18" Shades of Red, 18" with 2" extender
Panel Necklace, 20"
the panel is 8" long
Red and Green Stars
Blue and Green Stars
Yellow Necklace with African beads, 28"
Reed and bead
2¼" long
Red, 1¾" Blue, 2¼"
Green, 1¼"
©2005 by Roz Spier. All rights reserved.
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