These coats are a series titled "Sanctuary." We find sanctuary in places of retreat, shelter and spiritual uplift. Each coat represents a place of refuge and renewal, much as a felt coat shelters and comforts the wearer. Here sanctuary is interpreted in coats, made to envelop the wearer, to offer protection from the elements, as well as solace, comfort and renewal.

The coat bodies are wet-felted. The motifs are cut from pre-felts and laid onto the fleece before wet-felting. The sleeves are knitted. All are 100% wool.

Photos: Richard Bergen. Model: Julia Herwood.

Cordoba Coat, 1998

The great mosque at Cordoba is a refuge from the arid heat of Southern Spain, as well as from the busy city in which it now lies. Built by Arabs in the eighth century, it was a place of meeting, business, study and worship. I visited the mosque as a tourist and lingered there nearly alone among the columns in the semi-dark, awed and held by the place.

Backyard Coat, 2002

In my backyard I find refuge at the end of the day. I eat the evening meal there, watching the setting sun slant through the trees at the edge of the yard. Later the stars appear in the darkening sky. Frequently I begin the day there as well.

January Dream Coat, 2003
Library Coat, 2003
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