A look at the neighborhood before you arrive.
Front view.
Front view with bicycle repairs in progress.
One of the birds who lives in the front yard.
A room for living well in, without a doubt.
First glance at that thing you just can't stop looking at.
Rear view, with bicycle repairs complete.
It's not exactly a high-stress environment.
There's the view.
Looking straight out, more or less.
Looking to the south.
Closeup of the A's stadium.
The City of Oakland.
Looking northwardish.
Detail of the deck railing.
If you zoom your lens all the way, you can just make out the Golden Gate Bridge (and the Bay Bridge all in one shot).
He never stops admiring the view.
Night view, slightly less exposed.
Night view, a bit more exposed.
Night view, kind of overexposed.
The north overexposed.
Of course, it also looks like this some of the time.
Posted 12-Jul-2012 by James Spier