Our ride for the day.
Captain Joel Gutteridge. If you look closely, you can see he's holding something called In-Flight Intercept Procedures. That would be instructions for what to do if we are suddenly deemed a threat to national security and the Air Force sends fighter jets to make us stop whatever it is we are doing. Seriously.
Pre-flight checklist.
Yeah, all that gobbledygook is supposed to keep us from crashing. Whatever.
We had to wait for this guy to get on the ground before we could get on the runway.
Off we go! It's simple really - just follow the arrows.
Holy shit! There's nothing between us and the ground except a lot of air. And some physics.
Propellor cutting through our view of Newark Airport.
We flew right over Newark.
Hey! I recognize her!
Lady Liberty.
Lady Liberty.
Governor's Island.
Yeah, Lower Manhattan looked a little crooked from my perspective at that moment. I think the way flight 426 Sierra Papa was bouncing around like a cork in the ocean might have had something to do with it.
OK, Cap'n's got it straightened out now.
Lower Manhattan. Hi Goldman Sachs!
Freedom Tower with the city stretched out behind.
Chelsea from the air (corner of 9th Ave & 14th St in the foreground).
More Chelsea - my home is the circled building, mostly hidden by the high school on 24th St.
London Terrace and Penn South.
Midtown with the Empire State Building just right of center.
You can see why they call it Madison Square Garden.
Central Park with the twin towers of Time Warner Center.
Copilot James Spier over Central Park. Don't let that smile fool you - he took his responsibilities quite seriously. What responsibilities you ask? He was in charge of avoiding looking straight ahead because it makes a fellow queasy, fumbling around with the video camera to get about 90 seconds of video from a two-hour flight, closing his eyes so he could picture his body splattered on the ground better, sweating profusely, and remembering to take deep breaths to try to relax.
MTA trainyards - where the subway goes to sleep at night.
Safely on the ground again.
Posted 15-Apr-2012 by James Spier