A New England sugaring trip, March 21, 2010
Donut Dip, just after you cross over the Connecticut River north of Springfield, also known as the gateway to "real" New England.
Hot cross doughnuts.
Ripley Farm sugar house. Since this one is a little too far south and not high enough in the hills, sugaring season has already come to an end. Next year we will get there earlier.
Metal sap collection buckets. Most places use plastic tubing now, but I guess these guys still do it the old way.
Gould's Sugar House with maple steam billowing out of the roof.
The wood-fired boiler inside Gould's.
The guy with the red sweatshirt has the title "Sap Boiler".
Another view of the boiler.
Sap on its way to becoming syrup.
Maple steam billowing up to the rafters.
The finished product before it is clarified and packaged in jugs.
Yes sir, really and truly wood-fired.
Davenport Maple Farm & Restaurant, where we had lunch.