January 3, 2011

Dear Family, Friends, and anyone else who has found his or her way to this page,

I am forced to admit, when mobile phones first started becoming available with cameras in them, I was not just skeptical, I was absolutely self-righteous about it: "Why can't they just make them sound better instead of loading them up with stupid features no one needs?" Well, here I am, carrying around a mobile phone with a camera in it just about wherever I go, and I'm finding that having a camera (albeit a fairly lousy one) with me all the time is actually a great deal of fun.

All that aside, as most you know, 2008 and 2009 were extremely challenging years for me and I did little more with them than weather the storm. However, 2010 was, without a doubt, a year that had more than its share of really terrific moments. Looking back at the photos I posted to Facebook throughout the year inspired me to collect a bunch of them and put together a page of highlights. I hope you all enjoy seeing my year even a fraction as much as I enjoyed living it.

Best Wishes for a Really Swell 2011,

Feb. 7:
Early in the year, I spent quite a bit of time on the East Side, for a change. FDR Drive and East River at sunset.
Feb. 7:
Superbowl party with Lisa, the "Freeway Felon", along with other friends of dubious (at best) character.
Feb. 10:
Snowy morning on West 25th Street.
Feb. 16:
Empire State Building just after midnight in the snow and mist.
Feb. 27:
The main hall in a sleepy Grand Central Terminal just after midnight.
Mar. 21:
Donut Dip off I-91 in Massachusetts on our way to (maple) sugaring season in New England. Anyone who would like waffles with maple syrup from this trip, let me know when you will be in NY, and I'll make sure the griddle is hot.
Apr. 3:
What a year for concerts, although this one was pretty forgettable. Dum Dum Girls at Webster Hall.

Other concerts included Nouvelle Vague, The Wedding Present, Hole, Metric, Spiritualized, Cake, and The XX (and probably a few others I've forgotten about). Most of those shows were fantastic.

Apr. 4:
Hyatt's Garage off the Taconic Parkway, 68 miles from West 25th Street and 64 miles from Ten Broek Road in Austerlitz. That would be very close to half-way if you're keeping score at home. Somehow, it seems like the sun is always shining at Hyatt's.
Apr. 18:
Future first female MotoGP world champion, Washington DC.
Apr. 28:
I still love you, Courtney! Hole at Terminal 5.
May 5:
Looking down on the city from the top of the Empire State Building.
May 24:
Leftover grin and enviable coif from more fun than you can shake a stick at on the Merritt Parkway.
May 31:
Prelude to Memorial Day coffee and doughnuts at the Spiers' ancestral estate.
June 6:
Despite the grim visage, the first of many, many happy trips to the beach, this one to Misquamicut, RI.
June 19:
The summer of 2010 could accurately be described as the summer of RoMo, with countless blissful hours spent on the sands of Robert Moses State Park. The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority counted no fewer than 12 trips to Robert Moses on my EZ Pass.
June 25:
Lowly Worm! A bit of roadside fun on my way to Loc-Taw-Nic Lodge and Lake Michigan.
July 4:
Celebrating Independence Day on the sands of RoMo.
July 11:
Wooster Street Valentine Monster.
July 17:
Solo expedition to St. John with a stop at the Annaberg Sugar Mill ruins.
July 17:
Simultaneously sun- and rain-drenched drive with hanging garlands of pink flowers, St. John.
Sep. 7:
Just about more fun than it's possible to have without exploding at California Superbike School (in New Jersey).
Sep. 11:
Picking apples in the orchards of Glastonbury.
Sep. 18:
Nate and Lucy attempt to hijack my motorbike, Winchester, MA.
Oct. 22:
One last trip to the beach, this time to the eastern end of Fire Island. OK, I mean one last trip to the beach on the East Coast.
Oct. 30:
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Nov. 19:
A poor substitute for the sloth, who would not show herself, Central Park Zoo.
Nov. 23:
I'm strong to the finich 'cause I eats me spinach. Popeye the Sailor Man at SFMOMA, San Francisco.
Nov. 24:
Jellyfish working on his (her? Do jellies even make such bourgeois distinctions?) tan on the sand of Pt. Reyes, CA.
Dec. 12:
The results of a long, hard night toiling away in the lemon bar mines. It's really hard to make something that tastes bad if you start with butter and sugar.
Dec. 27:
A lonely El Camino sits out the blizzard on Third Avenue and 49th Street.
Posted 3-Jan-2011 by James Spier